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Coloring Magic Water Drawing Book with Pen Baby Educational



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Forest Magic Water Drawing Cloth Book Baby Painting Gifts Toy Early Education Graffiti Book


1. Uses high-tech non-toxic, non-polluting, green products.

2. Painted things will naturally disappear, can be repeatedly used.

3. Brush is water so will not dirty clothes and room. The back of the canvas is waterproof, so it will not wet the floor.

4. Ability development: Emotional, visual, intellectual development, hands-on brain, grasp, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys, parent-child exchange, interest training



Material: Sketchpad: Whiteboard Paper; Pen: PC+ Fiber

Product size: 190 X 160 X 15mm/7.48 X 6.3 X 0.59 in

Packing size: 195 X 190 X 15mm/7.68 X 7.48 X 0.59 in

Product packaging: PE bag

Net weight: Approx. 131g

Gross weight: Approx. 134g

Suitable age: Over three years old


1. Fill the pen with water or dipping the pen tip in the water automatically, children can paint freely on the canvas;(Brush first use, please put out the pen, soak in warm water for 30 minutes, so that the pen can fully wet expansion, Re-fill water or drinking water use, so the water will be more fluid;)

2. Pen painting place immediately appears painting handwriting;

3. With the evaporation of water, handwriting disappear, the canvas back to the original character, the child can continue to create; (Note: water drying speed depends on the degree of dry environment, the summer generally 5-10 minutes, the winter due to indoor temperature difference, it is hard to certain. In some places because of yellow water, it is possible to will be left part of the edge of the mark after painting, does not affect the use. After more traces can be cleaned with water all about gone)

4. Canvas storage, please empty the brush water to dry.

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